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Love GOD

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Santa’s very special BLESSING

Many years ago before America was a nation and there were not many people living in our country, Santa Clause was flying his sleigh from New York, down the eastern seaboard when a dense fog came off the Atlantic Ocean.

On this cold Christmas eve night, as he crossed over what is now the southern Virginia boarder, Santa could barely see and decided to stop before he had an accident. As the reindeer-driven sleigh descended in the heavy fog, Santa saw a dim light far below. As he came closer to the light, he thought is must be a large fire in an open field.

However, when he landed, he discovered that it was not a fire but a large tree that was made of bright lights. Sitting on a log next to this glowing tree was a small person, not three feet tall. He was dressed in tiny, doll like clothes, home spun from cotton and little wooden shoes carved from tree trunks that were pointed on the ends.

As Santa approached this small fellow, he asked, “who are you and how did you make this large tree light up this way?” The little guy replied, “Hello Santa. I am a elf and I have magical powers. I saw that you were in trouble, so I created this tree to guide you to safety in this dense fog.”

Santa was flabbergasted. “How did you know that I was in trouble?”, he asked. The elf seemed baffled and he repeated, “I am a elf and I have many special powers that are unique to only elves. Elves do not grow old. We can become as small as a mouse or as large as a house. We can be in many places at the same time and we can see danger in the future. These are only a few of the many magical powers that elves have.”

Santa took a step backwards and stared at this strange little fellow and bellowed with laughter. “Why, I can hardly believe what you are saying but it must be true. You saved me from certain disaster. I can not thank you enough.”

“But I still have a difficult situation on my hands”, he continued “and unless I can find a way to see though this dense fog, I will not be able to deliver my presents to the rest of the children in the world.”

The elf cocked his head and thought for a second. “I think that I might be able to help you”, he said. As he spoke, he began to skip around Santa’s sleigh with it’s team of reindeer and suddenly the little elf hopped up on the smallest reindeer’s head and asked Santa, “this one here, this reindeer with the bright nose, what is his name?”

“Rudolph”, Santa replied. “the other reindeer often make fun of him because of his funny nose.” With that, the elf gently tapped Rudolph on the head and BANG, all of a sudden: his nose became so bright that it lit up the whole sky.

Santa could not believe his eyes. Rudolph’s nose shone so bright, he would be able to drive through the densest fog with no difficulty. Santa was so pleased that he began to cry, “you are a very, very special elf indeed. Are there other elves like you?” “Yes”, replied the elf. “We are all around, unknown to most humans.”

Santa asked, “would you consider joining me and helping me prepare and deliver Christmas presents for children all over the world? Maybe you could recruit other elves to help also. There seems to be many more children every year and I can hardly manage to keep up with all the work.”

The elf thought only a moment before he shook his head with delight, “I would like that very much”, he said. So Santa climbed back into his sleigh, grabbing the elf by his little hand and pulling him on board. “What is your name?”, Santa asked.

The elf replied, “I do not have a name. I am just called elf.” Santa thought for a second and said, “you are very special and if you had not chosen to help me tonight, I would not have been able to deliver Christmas. You are a very special blessing to me. Would you mind if I called you BLESSING?” And with that, as the sleight began to rise in the sky, little BLESSING began to glow.