I AM who I AM

Since the beginning of time, I have been revealing the same consistent message to humanity. I AM who I AM. Recognize who I AM and know that I AM the creator of everything and every human. Everything that I create is an original piece of art … every snowflake … every tree … every animal … every person. I have given humanity a special role in MY creation. I have implanted within every person … who I AM. There is no exception. You will know this when you die. No human who has ever existed in the past, present or future has the power to resist who I AM. MY time is without boundaries. I AM before time existed and I AM after all time has expired. I have chosen to give humanity everything but one thing. That is the capacity to comprehend and understand: INFINITY … ETERNITY … DEATH.

Since the very beginning of your existence, I have revealed my presence in and through the lives of MY creation. You have stories of men and women who have shared MY message. I have revealed to you through people who are perceived by many to be flawed in their humanity … Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Moses, David, Ruth, Mary, Judas, Paul, Stephen, Constantine, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Smith, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King. These are but the ones who are known to the masses. Every person that I have created is a messenger for who I AM and yet you often choose not to listen to who I AM and what I desire from each of you.

I ask that you acknowledge that I AM GOD. I created everything and everything that I created is MINE. I exist in all that I have made, therefore, all that I have created is good. If you choose not to acknowledge who I AM and choose to be afraid of ME and what I have created, then you are choosing to be absent from ME during your short human existence. The good news for you is that when your time ceases to be, MY time with you will continue for eternity. I AM who I AM.