Keeping the PEACE

The message of PEACE starts with: Civility … Courtesy … Tolerance
This means that we try to allow others to voice opposing opinions without condemnation or judgement.
PEACE does not require us to agree with opinions that differ from our perspectives.
To be a person of PEACE requires great patience and understanding. It is hard work. Very few are capable of being good PEACE keepers at all times.
In our world today, where the range of opinions and political positions go from one extreme to another, it is easy to let our emotions overpower the rule of being civil to one another.
And when only one side is trying to be civil, it often seems impossible to see why civility is worth the effort.
BUT … if more of us try to understand our individual importance in conveying a message of PEACE … a message of Civility … Courtesy … Tolerance … maybe we can play a role in making our community and our world a better place.
None of us can be PEACE keepers all the time BUT we can get better at keeping the PEACE if we try.