PEACE poem

While asleep with dreams no more
The pain of sorrow dwelling within my soul
The serenity I seek is lost in the sun
Worry and fear eat at my brain

Then I hear a tapping, tapping noise
The cricket’s screeming in my head
I wonder, what could it be …
This tapping, tapping, tapping sound

Looking into the brightness, only to see
A fowl escaped from first days hunt
Without his mate … shot by boys like me
This bird of peace is tapping at my brow

Et tu old man, he pecks away
I am alone, hungary and tired
My day filled with sorrow and grief
Not for myself, but for you and your sons

The impressible youth you have reared
To serve … protect …defend
Causes … conflicts … ideologies
All driven by greed and control

The pecking bird tapped some more
And as I listened, the tapping I could hear
A revelation that changed my soul
Alpha and Omega, forever … forever more

This bird … the ancient symbol of peace
Its’ meaning lost in the sun
My passion and fervor of Woodstock
Transformed by apathy, discontent and fear

As the light begins to fade, insight takes its place
The wisdom of old age turns to the ideology of my youth
And with it comes compassion … empathy …caring
Logic turns to emotion … reason to an utopian bliss

My dreams begin anew with tears of joy
Replacing the worry and fears of before
Knowing nothing as I once knew
But finding peace in the darkness of my ignorance