The Bible … the KISS version

There is one GOD

The GOD of Abraham … the Jews
The GOD of Ishmael … the Muslims
The GOD of Jesus Christ … the Christians


From the beginning, GOD has asked the people to …
Love GOD with all our hearts … with all our minds … and with all our souls

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD.

Again, what does GOD ask?

Love your GOD with all your heart … all your mind … and all your soul.

AND … love your neighbor as you love yourself.

The very simple message from GOD is …
To love GOD and to appreciate all that GOD has created.
GOD has created everything … including humanity.
Every individual person is GOD’s creation.
What GOD has created … is from GOD.
Therefore, what GOD has created … GOD loves
GOD’s request is that humanity can acknowledge GOD’s absolute omnipotence and to love and appreciate GOD as the one and only GOD.
As such, GOD wants each human being to understand and appreciate that we all, individually, are loved by GOD. GOD created each of us and every one of us is unique and special to GOD. When we are capable of recognizing that GOD loves us … then we are asked to love all of GOD’s children in the same way.
When we do this … then and only then … we will live our lives without the need for human laws or rules. We will be governed by the love of GOD.