The Jester Duck Family

Living in the country on a farm called Cotton Valley, there was a family of Ducks. Mother and Father Duck and their two children, Jay and Nancy B. Duck.
The Duck family was very content and happy. They swam and frolicked on their small pond, enjoying every day the gifts of fish and grass that were available and abundant.
Mother and Father Duck loved their children and were very involved with bringing them up in a safe and happy environment, from sun up until sun down, every day. Father Duck was a great role model for both children. He would spend many hours each day teaching Jay and Nancy B. Duck how to fly and keep out of danger. He and Mother Duck loved every second of the time they had with their family.
Jay Duck was the oldest Duck duckling and was extremely smart, learning all the lessons that he was taught. One day, he came to his mother and told her that he wanted to go out on his own into the world. His mother listened to him intently and told him that she would discuss this with his father.
That night, when the sun had gone down and the sky had grown dark, with a crescent moon and thousands of stars twinkling high above, Jay and Nancy B. Duck nestled in their nest with drooping eyes. Jay Duck could hear his parents quacking about him and his desire to go off on his own.
He heard his father tell Mother Duck, “I need to tell him … I really need to let him know.” He heard these words several times as his parents talked into the night. As he fell asleep, he could not help but to be curious about what Father Duck meant by saying that he needed to tell him something. What could it possibly be that his father needed to tell him?
The next morning as the sun began to rise over the small pond, Jay Duck opened his eyes and saw next to him Father Duck gazing down at him with his kind and caring eyes.
As he gradually began to wake, Father Duck placed his wing on Jay Duck’s head and started to quack. He began by telling him how very smart he thought Jay Duck was and how proud he was that he had learned everything that was taught to him. He told Jay Duck that he deserved to go off on his own and see the world. And then Father Duck said to his son, “I am telling you this but there is something else that I need for you to know. I am aware that you are growing up and that you might feel the urge to go out and learn and experience all that is out there beyond our home here at Cotton Valley. You deserve to have those experiences. But I need to tell you how much I will miss you when you leave. I will miss not seeing you swim and play in our pond. I will miss not seeing you soar in the sky. I will miss not seeing you become an expert fishing duck. I will miss not seeing you wake up every morning and going to bed every night. You need to know this, son … I will miss you very veery much.
Father Duck wrapped his wings around his son and squeezed him tightly as tears fell from his beak.
As Father Duck waddled away, Jay Duck tried to remember why he had ever wanted to leave this place called home.